September 21 – I’ll be playing Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s mystical masterpiece “Into the Light” as part of the new Silence series at Descanso Gardens and curated by Chris Rountree. Our performance will take place at night, in the majestic oak grove. The combination of that music in that setting should be stunning.  For more info: descansogardens.org/silence

September 28 – at 8 pm at Boston Court I’ll be presenting Songs for the Earth – a collaboration with three fabulous colleagues: Alyssa Park, Tim Loo and Rachel Beetz. We’ll be playing music by Somei Satoh, Dan Caputo, Ian Dicke and (happy 90th birthday!) George Crumb. bostoncourtpasadena.org

In the world of improvisation YAR (me and slide guitar mensch Scot Ray…) rides again…hopefully at the MorYork gallery in late October/early November. Stay tuned for details! If the planets align we hope to be joined by Jim McAuley and Phillip Greenlief in the swirl! I’ll also be playing with Wadada Leo Smith at UCLA in mid-November – again date is tba. Will keep you posted!

November 7 I get to wear my Chromolodeon cap as the Partch ensemble journeys into a microtonal masterpiece: The Wayward. We’ll also be playing Dark Brother and Harry’s big dance tune: Castor and Pollux.  Our new CD: Sonata Dementia is up for Grammy consideration. Come check us out on the Jacaranda series in Santa Monica: jacarandamusic.org

November 19 is my Piano Spheres concert for this season entitled: Spectral. The evening will feature a rarely performed piece by Tristan Murail (me and Aron Kallay on 2 DX7s)  along with a new work for Yamaha CP80 and  saxophone that I am co-creating with Stephen Lehman – who studied with Murail and is credited for having created spectral jazz. The evening closes with Grisey’s epic Vortex Temporum played by the following line up of new music monsters: Andrew Tholl, Andrew McIntosh, Ashley Walters, Brian Walsh, Rachel Beetz and led by Nick Deyoe. Can’t wait for this one! pianospheres.org